• 'Nouvelle vague horrifique' collection • Volume I


    The Omega Productions Records is thrilled to present Pascal Laugier's Martyrs (2008) original motion picture soundtrack composed by the french duo Seppuku Paradigm (Alex and Willie Cortés).

    Released in 2008 (ten years before his latest production, Ghostland), Pascal Laugier’s Martyrs was undoubtedly the most controversial French horror film of the decade. Aside from its symbolic intent and hyper-realistic special effects, it is basically the story of the bond between two friends in an increasingly dehumanized world.

    Willie and Alex Cortés’ soundtrack converges with the filmmaker’s vision, ranging from cold and austere to organic and even melancholic. Intended as a concept album rather than an illustrative sound accompaniment, it ends with the Floydian pop feel of the acclaimed Your Witness. Goldmund’s My Neighbourhood also features for the first time.


    Resulting from a close collaboration between composers and The Omega Productions Records, this release features:

    • The complete soundtrack from the film, including the famous track My Neighbourhood composed by Goldmund.
    • 150 gram black vinyl.
    • Deluxe gatefold jacket with a real chrome stamp derived from the cold aesthetic imagined by Pascal Laugier.
    • French-English liner notes by Willie Cortés.

    Collector’s edition strictly limited to 1000 copies.


    A1. Prologue (01:18)

    A2. Orphans Games (01:44)

    A3. At Night in the Dormitory (00:57)

    A4. Hunting Her Down (00:53)

    A5. I Did It! (00:39)

    A6. Crisis (00:45)

    A7. Flashback (00:24)

    A8. Crisis (Reprise) (00:22)

    A9. Lucie’s Wounds (01:18)

    A10. Moving Corpses (00:47)

    A11. Gabrielle’s Theme (01:10)

    A12. Broken Glass (00:39)

    A13. Attacked in the Bathroom (01:09)

    A14. Gabrielle’s Theme (Reprise) (00:49)

    A15. Embrace (02:01)


    B1. Anna and the Scarred Ghost (05:43)

    B2. Rough Burial (01:39)

    B3. Enter Mademoiselle (01:45)

    B4. My Neighbourhood (04:44)

    B5. The Suffering Is Over (00:56)

    B6. Revelations (02:37)

    B7. Your Witness (03:20)



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