• 'Eurociné' collection • Volume I


    The Omega Productions Records is thrilled to present the vinyl release of Jess Franco's Female Vampire (La Comtesse noire • 1975) and Tender and Perverse Emmanuelle (Des frisson sur la peau • 1973) original motion picture soundtracks composed by Daniel J. White.


    Released in Paris on 7 May 1975, Female Vampire is one of director Jess Franco’s most iconic films. The workaholic Daniel J. White, who gained popularity in 1965 with the theme song for the TV series Belle and Sebastian, composed the soundtrack for this Eurociné production at the age of 59.


    At a time when many film musicians were experimenting with sound, Daniel J. White went against the flow with two scores based on old-fashioned classical composition, spiced up with atonal and jazzy touches. One of his best known songs, composed for Female Vampire, was reused in countless Eurociné productions, including Zombie Lake, Oasis of the Zombies.


    The soundtrack of Tender and Perverse Emmanuelle is a stylistic follow-up to Female Vampire, with strong Italian influences (such as Bruno Nicolai, another of Franco’s favourite composers) and extraordinary melancholy lyricism.


    It’s Daniel J. White at his best, and an essential work for fans of the Italian thriller genre.


    To round off the album: some unreleased studio outtakes from the recording of these two original soundtracks.


    Coming from a close collaboration between Claudie White, Eurociné and The Omega Productions Records, this release features:


    • The complete scores from the two films.

    • 150 gram black vinyl.

    • Deluxe black and white gatefold jacket.

    • An insert featuring French-English liner notes by Alain Petit and Lucas Giorgini.

    • A set of three photographs in postcard format 4"x5,5", on 250 gram paper.


    Collector’s edition strictly limited to 500 copies.



    A1. La Comtesse noire (thème) (03:07)
    A2. La Mort à la bouche (01:08)

    A3. Vox Intima (02:21)
    A4. Eromantic Jazz (02:41)
    A5. La Comtesse noire (reprise) (03:26)
    A6. Eromantic Lounge (04:56)
    A7. La Comtesse noire (reprise #2) (01:23)
    A8. Piano romantique (01:02)


    B1. Des frissons sur la peau (thème) (03:06)
    B2. Des frissons sur la peau (instrumental) (03:41)
    B3. Des frissons sur la peau (instrumental #2) (01:44)
    B4. Des frissons sur la peau (piano) (02:39)
    B5. Virée nocturne (04:35)
    B6. Des frissons sur la peau (suite pianistique) (02:48)
    B7. " Ça tourne ! " (chutes de sessions) (04:24)



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