• 'Amour à la française' collection • Volume I


    The Omega Productions Records is thrilled to present the vinyl release of Gérard Kikoïne's Mannequin (L'Amour à la bouche • 1974) original motion picture soundtrack composed by Yan Tregger.


    Released a year before the ‘X’ rating was introduced in France, Mannequin was the first erotic film directed by Gérard Kikoïne, a film editor for Jess Franco and Claude Mulot who rose to fame in French soft porn. Shot a few years before Education of the Baroness, it revels in the atmosphere of sexual liberation that followed the civil unrest of May 1968 in France, with wild parties and free love.


    The film has its faults and reflects the stereotypes of its day, but is nonetheless a generous portrayal of changing social mores, produced by a bunch of friends who set out to have fun, on both sides of the camera…


    The groovy soundtrack was the work of Yan Tregger, aka Ted Scotto – not the best known French musician of his decade, but a favourite with underground music buffs. Composed for the Montparnasse 2000 label in the pre-disco years, the album combines a lively beat with funky chords, a touch of Serge Gainsbourg and some more personal compositions inspired by fantasies of Italy.

    Directly restored from Yan Tregger's original master tapes, this release features:


    • The complete soundtrack from the film.

    • 150 gram black vinyl.

    • Deluxe gatefold jacket.

    • French-English liner notes by the composer.


    Collector’s edition strictly limited to 500 copies.


    A1. L’Amour à la bouche (02:43)
    A2. Tirage coquin (03:26)
    A3. Thème d’amour (02:45)
    A4. Plaisir solitaire (03:24)
    A5. Cancan (photo)graphique (03:56)

    A6. Transgression (05:28)

    B1. Préliminaires gastronomiques (02:45)
    B2. Frankenstein délivré (02:15)
    B3. Festivités orgiaques (03:38)
    B4. Décadence (01:23)
    B5. Les festivités continuent … (01:09)
    B6. Naiveté charnelle (01:40)

    B7. La traque (00:47)

    B8. Fin de partie (02:46)



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