• 'Nouvelle vague horrifique' collection • Volume IV


    The Omega Productions Records is thrilled to present the vinyl release of Among the Living (Aux yeux des vivants • 2014) original motion picture soundtrack composed by Raphaël Gesqua.


    Among the Living - the French duo’s third production after Inside (2007) and Livid (2011) - is an artful mix of influences that draw from Tobe Hooper's Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part 2 (1986), Rob Reiner’s Stand by Me (1987), and various Amblin productions.


    Raphaël Gesqua’s richly atmospheric soundtrack combines bright orchestral pieces with skilful synthetic sequences and, like the film itself, references the 1980s.


    Resulting from a close collaboration between the musician and The Omega Productions Records, this release features:

    • The complete soundtrack from the film.
    • Double 150 gram black vinyl.
    • Deluxe gatefold jacket.

    • Artworks by Grégory Lê.
    • French-English liner notes by Raphaël Gesqua on a printed insert.

    Collector’s edition strictly limited to 300 copies, hand-numbered.


    A1. Among the Living (02:41)

    A2. Overture (01:32)

    A3. Shooter’s Home (01:43)

    A4. Acting Out (03:39)

    A5. Klarence, My Son / Main Title (02:32)

    A6. The Kids (00:50)

    A7. Canteen Fun / Let’s Get Out of There (02:37)

    A8. Always Dreamed of It / Hermann! (01:37)


    B1. Childhood (00:57)

    B2. Welcome to Blackwoods (01:49)

    B3. Entering (01:31)

    B4. Bad Discovering and Point of No Return (03:29)

    B5. Shouter’s Lair Escape (05:58)

    B6. Blackwoods Stories (01:31)

    B7. Kill Them! (02:29)

    B8. Family Moments (01:12)


    C1. I Have No Clown! / Daniel Meets Clarence (04:31)

    C2. Father and Son (02:22)

    C3. Show Yourself! (01:11)

    C4. Lying Dad / Tom Meets Klarence (00:50)

    C5. Peaceful Night (01:17)

    C6. Salem (02:04)

    C7. That One is Bigger Than Me (00:55)

    C8. Someone’s Here (02:15)


    D1. Family Meets Clarence (01:46)

    D2. Klarence Plays (02:54)

    D3. The Baby! (01:56)

    D4. Go With Your Sister Kidnapped (01:27)

    D5. Time To Go (01:23)

    D6. Final Confrontation (05:47)

    D7. Miss You Guys (02:07)

    D8. New Beginning (00:59)

    D9. End Credits (Full Version) (05:05)



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