• 'Nouvelle vague horrifique' collection • Volume III


    The Omega Productions Records is thrilled to present the vinyl release of Inside (À l'intérieur • 2007) original rejected motion picture score composed by Raphaël Gesqua.


    Inside, the first feature from Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo, is emblematic of the new wave of French horror films of the 2000s (a genre called ‘French Frayeur’, launched by the French TV channel Canal+).


    Starring Béatrice Dalle and Alysson Paradis, this harrowing, claustrophobic film tells the story of the heavily pregnant Sarah, stalked by a madwoman determined to take her unborn baby because she believes it is hers!


    Raphaël Gesqua started out as a composer for video games (Flashback: The Quest for IdentityFade to Black). After meeting Julien Maury in 2003, the two became friends, and Gesqua scored Maury’s first feature film, Inside. However, the soundtrack was mishandled during the editing process, resulting in Gesqua’s dismissal and the rejection of his work.


    Gesqua’s previously unpublished score creates a macabre atmosphere, with piano pieces (He's MineSarah) adding a touch of romanticism.


    A technical whizz-kid and musical aficionado, Gesqua combines formal musical composition with cutting-edge experimentation–in this case, featuring the babbling of a baby!


    Resulting from a close collaboration between the musician and The Omega Productions Records, this release from the point of view of Alysson Paradis features:

    • The complete rejected score composed by Raphaël Gesqua on the A side and directors' short films soundtracks on the B side.
    • 150 gram black vinyl.
    • Deluxe gatefold jacket.
    • French-English liner notes by Raphaël Gesqua on a printed insert.

    Collector’s edition strictly limited to 300 copies, hand-numbered.



    A1. He’s Mine (01:46)

    A2. Sarah (02:16)

    A3. Main Theme (02:11)

    A4. The Woman (02:42)

    A5. Music Box (01:13)

    A6. The Nightmare (03:00)

    A7. Suffer (02:58)

    A8. Threatened (02:17)

    A9. In Pain (01:54)

    A10. At Last Together (02:32)

    A11. He’s Mine (End Credits) (02:01)



    B1. Main Title and Not Pedro! (01:06)

    B2. Pedro’s Way (01:34)

    B3. Bon appétit ! (00:28)

    B4. M Corporation (01:32)

    B5. Problem Solved and End Credits (01:14)



    B6. Pedro (Main Title) (00:20)

    B7. With or Without Pedro? (01:30)

    B8. Pedro’s Delivery (03:24)

    B9. End Title (00:13)



    B10. X is for Xylophone (02:11)



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